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The J.W. Bald Picture Postcard Handbook 1902-1955

by Roy Sennett & Edward Sennett. Edited by Michael Smith.

This is the eagerly anticipated second edition to Roy Sennett’s ground- breaking handbook on J. W. Bald’s terrific postcards. In this edition you will be delighted to find:
  • A much expanded section on J. W. Bald’s early years as an apprentice photographer in Barrie, Ontario, including photos of his first studio in Penetanguishene and Midland,
  • A section on J. W. Bald’s tools-of- the-trade including his Carbine postcard camera and Graber postcard printing machine,
  • Expanded maps of the nooks and crannies along the Georgian Bay coastline and Severn River where J. W. Bald took the majority of his photographs,
  • And most importantly, comprehensive listings and over 900 images of some of the most sought after postcards in Canada.

8.5 by 11 inches, laminated soft cover, spiral bound, 244 pages with a lavishly illustrated biography of J. W. Bald, 1200+ postcard listings, 900+ illustrations, and everything in full colour!

PRICE AND ORDERING Regular Retail Price: C$60;
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Postpaid to a USA address: US$70.
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Postcard Gems from an Outstanding Canadian

Born in Lunenburg in 1862, W. E. Hebb moved to Halifax at age 18 to work for the Nova Scotia Printing Company. It was here that he first demonstrated an uncanny ability to excel at all of his endeavours. His list of accomplishments in business, and his devotion to the public good would be hard to match today.
W. E. Hebb also published some wonder- ful postcards during this popular hobby’s golden age (1900–1914). And they’re all inside this handbook:
• Terrific views of Halifax daily life, the city’s thriving businesses, the arrival of immigrants, etc.
• Beautiful patriotic, military and novelty postcards.
• A stunning series showing the Newfoundland sealing fleet.
• Scenic views of Lunenburg and other historic towns in Atlantic Canada.
ISBN 978-0-9949604-2-9

When W. E. Hebb died on December 29, 1926 the headline of the next day’s Halifax Herald said it all: “Willis E. Hebb, Outstanding Halifax Citizen, Passes Away.”

6.75 by 9 inches, laminated soft cover, spiral bound; 120 pages overall with: W. E. Hebb’s life story, family photos and other memorabilia, a breakdown of 17 different series of Hebb postcards printed in Canada and abroad, and every page in full colour!

Regular Retail Price: C$39.95; Postpaid to a Canadian Address: C$44.95; Postpaid to a USA Address: US$44.95; discounts available to booksellers and those making bulk purchases. Cheque or Money Order preferred.

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alanrhebb@gmail.com 905-632-3443
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‘The Reuben Sallows Picture Postcard Handbook‘ by Mike Smith and Larry Mohring.

‘Canadian Photographic Genius’, Ontario photographer Reuben Sallows (1855–1937) is little known outside of Huron County. From his Goderich studio in the 1890s, he became a master photographer of local folks in their natural surroundings. His stellar outdoor photos caught the eye of magazine publishers, railway companies and government ministries. This handbook links as many antique postcards as possible to their original Sallows photograph.

Full colour, laminated soft cover, spiral bound; 8.5 by 11 inches, 310 pages including a lavishly-illustrated biography of Reuben Sallows. 1800+ postcards catalogued by publisher and 1300+ illustrations.

CDN$70.00 (postpaid Canadian address) US$70.00 (postpaid USA address)

Order from
Mike Smith or Larry Mohring

Other Books

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The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist 1898–1928

This original edition of The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist was the precursor to Mike’s Smith’s extensive postcard publishing career, and has been long out of print.

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The Canadian Patriotic & Heraldic Postcard Handbook 1897–1945, Volume 1

This second edition updates The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist published 10 years ago. Improvements and additions include; expanded date range to include postcards from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee to the end of the Second World War, inclusion of heraldic (semi-patriotic) cards, hundreds of newly-discovered postcards, 700 additional card images and 60 more pages, increased size of postcard images, updated value categories.

Full colour, soft cover (laminated), spiral bound, 8.5 x 11 inches, 438 pages.

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The Canadian Patriotic & Heraldic Postcard Handbook 1897–1945, Volume 2

This second and final volume contains almost 2,000 full-colour images, lists and value categories to educate and entertain both the amateur and seasoned postcard collector. Includes abridged business histories of some of Canada’s most important postcard publishers, over 60 series of postcards from anonymous publishers, and the largest listing of patriotic & heraldic postcards from Valentine & Sons and the Photogelatine Engraving Co. ever published.

Full colour, soft cover (laminated), spiral bound, 8.5 x 11 inches, 438 pages.

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The W.G. MacFarlane Picture Postcard Handbook 1902 – 1910

W.G. MacFarlane was one of Canada’s most prolific publishers in the early part of the 20th century. This handbook has something in it for everyone. Showcasing the variety and quality of MacFarlane postcards from Patriotic, Heraldic & Royalty Postcards (39 series) to artist-signed, novelty and 52 special series postcards. This 2nd edition includes over 1400 MacFarlane regular view cards and 12 new “fancy” series. Also includes 60 designs of MacFarlane back types and an Index of Cities and Towns, 12 pages in glorious colour, a price guide and earliest known usage for each series.

Soft cover, 6.75 x 9 inches, 238 pages (12 in colour).

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The Warwick Bros. & Rutter Postcard Gems 1903 – 1912

Published in conjunction with the sale of the finest Warwick Bros. & Rutter postcard collection ever assembled, this book is a visual treat for both collectors and historians. Includes hundreds of images of the “gems” from the W.O. Buchanan collection such as; the legendary Warwick patriotic and other “special series” cards, artist-signed, classic views of railway stations and trains, ships, liners and ferries, early automobiles and stage coaches, sports and recreation, advertising, businesses, factories, Mounties, militia, the clergy, First Nations and Acadians. Appendix of unlisted postcards that have surfaced since the 2007 issue Warwick Bros. & Rutter Postcard Handbook.

Laminated cover, 8.5 x11 inches, 106 pages.

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The J.W. Bald Picture Postcard Handbook 1905-1955

by Roy Sennett, TPC#227. Edited by Mike Smith.

Midland, Ontario photographer J. W. Bald captured an amazing 50-year period of the province’s history during his long career. Images positively attributed to Bald first appear on postcards printed in Germany and sent back to Canada for the retail market in 1905. J.W. Bald maintained the copyright for many of his photos and was the actual publisher of hundreds of postcards made from his images. This handbook is the 7th and most complete publication on J. W. Bald postcards by long-time collector and aficionado Roy Sennett. Inside you’ll find a concise history of J. W. Bald’s career plus hundreds of images and up-to-date lists of his many postcards.

Soft cover, spiral bound, 6.75 x 9 inches, 164 pages.